Suggestions, Comments and Complaints

If you would like to let the practice know when they have done well, please use our Feedback triage.

It is important for the practice to know where we are performing well as well as where we need to improve. We hope that we can sort out most complaints as quickly as possible with satisfactory outcomes for you the patient and also for the practice.

Compliments may be passed on to the same people as named below under the complaints process. It is important for the practice to know where we are performing well as well as where we need to improve.

The complaints policy is briefly summarised below:

The practice will take reasonable steps to ensure that patients:

  • Are aware of the complaints procedure.
  • Know that their complaints and comments are listened to and acted upon.
  • Know what the practice proposes to do (if appropriate).
  • Know that they will not be discriminated against for making a complaint.
  • The ability of the patient to complain directly to NHS England or the Ombudsman.

The Complaints Manager for the practice is Lorraine Youngs, practice manager or Tracey Eggett, assistant practice manager.

The deputy Complaint Managers in the practice managers absence are the reception managers, Deborah Jones and Melissa Stratton.

The lead GP partner for complaints handling is Dr Radha Sawhny.

Complaints may be made verbally or in writing. Written complaints will be acknowledged in writing by a letter dated within three days of receipt, wherever possible.

Upon receipt of a complaint the practice will:

  • If verbal acknowledge at the time, establish desired patient outcomes (not all may be possible or will be realistic) and advise patient how the complaint is to be dealt with.
  • If written may attempt to telephone complainant and/or acknowledge in writing.
  • If appropriate, include an offer to discuss the matter in person. Advise the patient of potential timescales and the next steps.
  • Ensure the complaint is properly investigated. Where the complaint involves more than one organisation the person dealing with the complaint will direct the complainant to that organisation to make the relevant part of the complaint direct.
  • Where the complaint has been sent to the incorrect organisation advise the patient within 3 working days where to submit the complaint.
  • Provide a written response to the patient as soon as reasonably practicable ensuring that the patient is kept up to date with progress as appropriate. This will include a full report and if appropriate a statement advising them of their right to take the matter further.

If you remain unhappy having contacted the practice, you may contact the Customer Contact Centre at NHS England via any method below:


Telephone: 0300 311 22 33


NHS England
PO BOX 16738
B97 9PT


If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome you may refer the matter to:

The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman
Millbank Tower

Telephone: 0345 0154033